recovery and treatment unit URT-eco
10 standard models available, 5 for horizontal installation in false ceilings and 5 for vertical installation on the floor.
Air flow rate from 650 m3/h to 4,000 m3/h, with heat recovery over 73% or even higher on request.
Recovery units complete Everclima’s production range.
The series is produced in 5 horizontal models and 5 vertical models (the latter with the possibility of a by-pass on the recuperator for free-cooling in the intermediate seasons), with flow rates from 650 m “h to 4,000 m/h, with heat recovery of over 73%.
employment »
The units are used in civil, commercial, office and public environments and in particular in smoking rooms in compliance with Law No. 3 of 16/01/2003 ‘Protection of the health of non-smokers’.
construction description »
  • Frame with anti-corodal extruded aluminium alloy profiles of type UNI 9006/1 and three-way corner joints of cast aluminium.
  • Double wall “sandwich” paneling ‘, consisting of a polyurethane foam insulation component with a density of 47 kg/m’ with a ‡ tolerance of 2 kg/m’ covered on the inside with galvanised sheet metal and on the outside with pre-painted galvanised sheet metal, both 0.5 mm thick, complete with PVC perimeter tubing.
  • Due to the high number of closed cells, greater than 95 per cent, polyurethane foam has a thermal conductivity, measured according to UNI 7891, of 0.0247 W/(m °K) at a temperature of 10°C, with class 1 reaction to fire as it is expanded using water and therefore free of CFCs and HCFCs.The use temperature of the panel will be in a range between -40 C and +80 C in continuous operation, without substantial changes in the thermal insulation characteristics.
  • Static cross-flow air-to-air heat recovery unit, aluminium plates with turbulent surface, aluminium frame with additional heat exchanger pack sealing. Operating temperature -30°C to 90°C, maximum differential pressure 1000 Pa. Minimum efficiency in winter 73%.
  • Heat exchanger geometry 3012, copper tubes 12.45 x 0.35 mm, aluminium fin thickness 0.12 mm, copper collectors and galvanised steel frame.
  • Designed for cooling, dehumidification, recuperator side, they are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are equipped with one or more discharge sleeves also made of AISI 304 stainless steel. They are installed internally on the horizontal version and externally with insulation on the vertical version.
  • Cell filters with galvanised steel frame, synthetic fibre filter media, electro-welded galvanised steel wire guards, partially regenerable class G3-EN779.
  • Electric fan with electronic motor with programmable constant flow rate control, via 0/10V signal (for models 01-02) or via dip-switch 4-5-6 (for models 03-04). After selecting the preferred flow rate, the fan automatically changes rotation speed to adapt to the circuit’s pressure drop, guaranteeing the programmed air flow rate, until the corresponding available pressure is reached (see table of aeraulic characteristics).
Disponibili in 8 versioni (4 verticali + 4 orizzontali) standard ma modificabili
Available in 10 versions (5 vertical + 5 horizontal) standard but modifiable
Each model is 100% customisable
Air flow rate 650 to 4.000 m3/h
Heat recovery of more than 73%