Air treatment unit
in modular sections
and treatment unit
Air treatment unit
in modular sections
and treatment unit
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Founded in 2001, Everclima immediately emerges as a company specializing in the aeraulic sector thanks to the previous experience of its partners and staff.

This solid and reliable background forms the basis on which Everclima’s excellence in the world of professional air conditioning, filtration, purification and flues.

Every Everclima product is tailor-made, skilfully created to meet the specific needs of each customer precisely and attentively.

The expertise that resides in the company results in custom solutions that exceed even the highest expectations.

The ability to create customized, handcrafted solutions of the highest standard is what sets Everclima apart.

The company’s production flexibility, coupled with its in-depth knowledge of the sector, allows it to best meet the challenges that arise.

In a world where excellence is a necessity, Everclima stands out as a trusted partner for any challenge in professional air conditioning, filtration, purification and flues.
Focus on
Everclima is engaged in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of 7 major product categories:
Outsource the complete management of Air Handling Units to us
Allround maintenance
Visual and thorough inspection; microbiological analysis of air; cleaning and disinfection of ducts and apparatus: we take care of the whole process of sanitization of UTA facilities.
Comprehensive design
Our design team and installers can intervene with the refurbishment and design from scratch of AHUs, air conditioning and ventilation systems. We have cross-functional skills and can follow you through the whole job, from A to Z.
More effective relationships
Thanks to the digitization of our processes and the order chain: follow the project online, consult and manage all documentation remotely, and can open service tickets with a click h24.
In enclosed environments such as offices, health care facilities, or hotels, there is often insufficient air exchange.
These are buildings or structures with stringent construction constraints.
A proper ventilation system, starting with the AHU, can significantly improve environmental comfort.
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Systems UTA
Air treatment unit in modular sections UTA 2000 SERIES
What is the Air Treatment Unit?
In everyday practice, the Air Treatment Unit is most often referred to by its acronym: UTA.
It is the machine that changes the chemical and physical parameters of the air before conveying it to the aeraulic system or to an air conditioning system in general.
The Air Treatment Unit is used as a complement to other systems to promote air exchange in enclosed spaces, and is composed of multiple sections.
Everclima’s UTA 2000 series air treatment units are designed and manufactured in accordance with EU Regulation No. 1253/2014 (ECODESIGN2016/2018).
The flexibility of the production line makes it possible to open to the most diverse combinations of elements and the most critical space requirements.
The casing is of the bearing frame type made of aluminum profiles with or without thermal break, with double-wall “‘SANDWICH” infill panels 25/45mm thick consisting of an insulating component. As standard, the paneling is made of pre-painted galvanized sheet metal on the outer side and galvanized sheet metal on the inner side.Fastening of the paneling to the load-bearing structure is done by means of special panel locking profiles.
Through continuous research, Everclima adopts the most advanced advanced and innovative technologies available on the market, thus assuring its customers of products excellent with reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance requirements.
general features »
24 modelli modulari disponibili
24 modular models
Each model is 100% customizable
Air flow rate from
1.100 to 84.820 m3/h
Installation in indoors or outdoors
Execution of sanitizable models
Vertical execution, horizontal or mixed
model naming »
By creating “absolute” filtration, the risk of
dispersion of pollutants and bacteria.
Air Treatment Unit Maintenance
Why is it so important?
We maintain Air Handling Units for various private clients, such as clinics and lodging facilities, as well as for government departments.
Finding ourselves managing the cleaning of plants of various sizes, we have daily evidence of how much waste such machines can accumulate over time.
From inspections and air analysis, we have found: dust, mold, rust, insects, fungi, mites, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
You can see how important it is to clean the components and ducts, as they carry the air we breathe every day.
Negligence is not permissible in these cases, because cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the equipment connected to air conditioning and ventilation serve to prevent contamination and diseases that are dangerous to humans, even lethal, such as Legionnaires’ disease.
For workplaces in particular, INAIL has released very detailed provisions and guidelines on the subject, such as:
the “Operational Procedure for the Assessment and Management of Risks Related to the Hygiene of Air Handling Plants,” Permanent Conference for Relations between the State, the Regions the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano (February 7, 2013) – Permanent Advisory Commission (November 28, 2012)
the “Guidelines for establishing technical protocols for predictive maintenance on air conditioning systems” (S. O. G.U. No. 256, Nov. 3, 2006)